Big Specular Machine S-540A

Big Specular Machine S-540A

  • Product features:

    High precision resin sand casting in lathe bed, and keep well-lubricated by sand grease.

    Wear-resistant lead screw and original guide rail imported from Japan. Bearing pairs of lead screw imported from Japan, with high precision and long service life.

    Automatic oil feeding, supply fuel regularly, so as to extend the service life;

    Constant temperature homology chiller equipped in the spindle.

    High flexible cable passed bending resistance test by 1,000,000 times. With automatic oiling machine that prevents L/M parts getting rusted.

    Optimal structure design with big base span and cement paste inside of casting part ,to have maximum stability and ensure working precision.

    High precision lead screw imported from Japan, effectively eliminate shaking phenomenon.

    Numerical control system, original Siemens 8280, with high precision surface interpolation, to achieve perfect curved surface and circular arc.

    Operating space design, platform sized in 450 * 350 mm, with processing scope of 420 * 320 * 120 mm, the Z axis machining scope is 200 mm, be able to process larger-sized product parts and components.

    Start cutting seepage prevention structure guarantee regular operation rate; use the cutting such as X, Y, Z three axis screws L/M non-permeable structure design.

    Item description Unit S-540A big high specular machine
    Working table size   (length*width) mm 550*430
    Travel X axis mm 500
    Y axis mm 400
    Z axis mm 300
    Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 80-380
    Spindle speed rpm 500-36000
    Spindle power kw 3.5
    Spindle taper   ISO25-ER20/ER16/ER11
    Three axis rapid traverse rate   25/25/25/25
    Cutting speed   1-20000
    Air pressure demand Kg/cm² 6
    Total power consumption kw 10
    Three axis Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
    Three axis Repeat accuracy mm 0.003
    Maximum load Kg 200
    Machine weight (estimated) Kg 3800
    Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 1580*1770*2290
    Tool change method   12T semi-mushroom magazine
    Unprocessed measurement compensation   Optional probe automatic compensation
    Vacuum suction Kg/cm² -1
    Power Requirements   Three phase power 380V/50Hz
    Machine cover   Full-face

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